5 Free Online Creative Writing Courses To Enrol In

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What sometimes can’t be communicated verbally is best expressed with words on paper or a screen. Written words are quite impactful provided they are gripping and have a creative flare. And the Internet has ample courses to offer if you want to get on the writers’ bandwagon. From those that want to brush up their writing skills to those that want to learn how to make your writing more creative, these online courses will give you the tips and tricks you need on your journey to becoming a writer.

5 courses on creative writing you can check out:1. Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

If not for the plot, the story will be read and forgotten easily. In order to make an impact on the readers’ minds, one must ensure the plot of the storyline is strong and relevant. This course will help you build plots and connect the story from the beginning to the end and churn out the best of stories.

You can enrol for this course here.

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2. A-level Study Boost: Unseen Poetry and the Creative Process

Often poems that are most difficult to understand are the most beautiful ones. If you have a knack for poetry and want to learn to analyse and understand poetry better, do give this course a try. By the end of it, you will have developed a unique poem of your own and be able to write impactfully.

You can enrol for this course here.

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3. Creative Writing: The Craft of Style

What distinguishes one writer from another is their style of writing. Every individual has a distinct style and must know how to amp it up and use it while writing groundbreaking stories. This course will help you enhance your unique style in order to write one of a kind stories.

You can enrol for this course here.

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4. An Introduction to Screenwriting

The impact made through moving visuals begins with a killer screenplay. And to make a killer screenplay, you should be thorough with its basic, key elements and the language. This course will cover script analysis and common vocabulary used in screenwriting via physical exercises as well as videos, articles and discussions. Applicable for anyone that is new to screenwriting or wishes to get better at it.

You can enrol for this course here.

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5. Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization

In the real world, there are deadlines you need to meet and quality work that needs to be produced in a short span of time. For writers and editors of the online world, time is of utmost importance and writing good articles in a short span of time is essential. This course will give you lessons on just how to make complex sentences sound easy and help you speed up your writing process.

You can enrol for this course here.

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So, which of these courses will you be enrolling in? Tell me in the comments below!

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