Abhishek Bachchan Reveals That He Missed Out On Films Because He Didn’t Want To Do Intimate Scenes Anymore

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Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan completes twenty years in the film industry on the 30th of June. Over the past twenty years, the actor has given us some memorable performances starting from his debut in Refugee. The actor has been reminiscing his 20-year journey in the industry by sharing anecdotes and memories from each of the films he has done. But somewhere down the line, his fans feel that he is yet to get his dues and I guess he feels the same. He took about two years off from the movies to reflect on his craft and came back only in 2018’s Manmarziyaan. And what a comeback it was! Ever since then, the actor says he has been shooting non-stop. He has various new projects ready for release and many more in the pipeline and I can’t wait for them! But the actor recently spoke at length to film critic Rajeev Masand on how some of his decisions after his daughter was born resulted in him losing out on movies. But even then, the actor has no bad blood with any of those people.

On being asked whether his daughter’s birth affected his movie choices in any way, the actor said he made up his mind that he would not do any intimate scenes or scenes that he would have to explain to his daughter in the future. He also revealed that he missed out on a few films because of that. He said he would always tell the makers that he would not do such scenes and gave them the choice to make the decision whether to keep him or not.

Talking about it, he said:

Yes, and that’s fine. No regrets, because I had a creative point of view, and the producer-director have a creative point of view, and they didn’t want to compromise on that and I completely respect that, and it’s perfectly fine.

In the same interview, the actor talked about his debut movie, the night before the release, and the premiere of the same that he had attended.

Abhishek will soon be seen in his first-ever web series – the second season of Breathe Into The Shadows.

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