Thanatos – And Jesus Wept Lyrics

Centuries of horror
torment and pain
Chained by his dogma
still praying in vain
The fear of God
engraved deep in their hearts
The preachers of purity
still playing their parts
Remember J.C.
born as the son of God
Destined to end
his life on a chross
He died for the sins
of humanity
A ritual sacrifice …
.. insanity
And Jesus wept …
Hatred is burning, inside of me

The flames of horror, won’t set me free
Vomit is dripping, from my mouth
Profaning earth’s unholy ground
For aeon and aeons, insanity’s reigned
Now is time … to bark the chains
Die for Allah
Live for God
Deny the worth
of your earthly existence
(repeat 1st verse)
It’s over now … no more lies
Think for yourself … Be your own god
(repeat 2nd verse)

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